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Start-up nation Romania subventions

The "Start-Up Nation - Romania" programme awards the minimis aid to a maximum of 10,000  small and medium-sized enterprises at a maximum value of 200,000 lei per beneficiary, representing 100% of the value of eligible expenditure.

Subventions for agriculture in Romania - sub-measure 6.1

Sub-measure 6.1 - Support for young farmers 

Subventions for agriculture in Romania - sub-measure 8.1

Sub-measure 8.1 – Forestation and creation of woodland 
increase the surface occupied by forests at the national level;
cost recovery work establishing plantation, plantation maintenance of a maximum of six years until it closed solid state;

Subvention for agriculture in Romania - sub-measure 7.6

Sub-measure 7.6 – Protection of cultural heritage

Subvention for agriculture in Romania - sub-measure 7.2

Sub-measure 7.2 – basic infrastructure investment 

Subventions for agriculture in Romania - sub-measure 6.4

Sub-measure 6.4 – investments for creating and developing non-agricultural activities 

Subventions for agriculture in Romania - sub-measure 6.3

Sub-measure 6.3 - Support for the development of small farms 
supporting investments to increase competitiveness through provision of farm machinery and equipment performance in relation to current agricultural structure and farm modernization investments (especially medium and associations of small and medium farms) and improve the quality of fixed assets.

Subventions for agriculture in Romania - sub-measure 6.2

Sub-measure 6.2 - Support for the creation of non-agricultural activities in rural areas 

Subventions for agriculture in Romania - Sub-Measure 4.3

Sub-measure 4.3 - Investment for development, modernization and adaptation of agriculture and forestry infrastructure 
restructuring the management and application of the access infrastructure and adaptation of the access infrastructure to new agricultural and forest structure and efficient use of infrastructure usable. 

Subventions in Romania for agriculture - sub measure 4.2

Sub-measure 4.2 - Support for investments in processing / marketing of agricultural products 
to support businesses that achieve tangible and intangible investments for processing and marketing of agricultural products listed in Annex I to the Treaty of establishing the European Community, except fishery.

Subventions For Agriculture In Romania 2014 2020 Measure 4.1

Please download the first measure for the new subvention periond in Romania for agriculture 2014 - 2020

Subventions Structural Funds And Instruments For Romania 2014 2020

We have made a presentation on subventions via  structural funds and instruments for romania for the period 2014 2020 based on the data available today.

Teodorovici Minister of EU Funds: Over three billion to SMEs in the 2014-2020 programming period

Teodorovici Minister of EU Funds: Over three billion to SMEs in the 2014-2020 programming period

Structural Funds Romania 2014 2020

"I emphasize that Romania does not register any delay in submission of the proposal by the Partnership, the deadline set by EU regulation is April 22, 2014" added Eugen Teodorovi

The National Rural Development Programme In Romania (RDP) 2014-2020

Substantiation selected needs to be covered by the rural development strategy in Romania 2014 2020 and selecting objectives, priorities and areas of intervention based on SWOT analysis and needs analysis.

New subisdies for 2014-2020 in Romania for agriculture

10, 2013, No. 45

New provisions on the de minimis schemes available for investments made by SMEs

Government Decision no. 453/10.07.2013 (“GD 453/2013”) on amending and supplementing the appendix to Government Decision no. 274/2013 on granting de minimis state aid for investments made by small and medium enterprises (“GD 274/2013”) has been published. 

GD 453/2013 introduces the following main amendments:

New call for projects under Measure 121 of PNDR – investments in (family) farms

APDRP (Paying Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries) has announced the launching of a new call for projects under Measure 121 of the National Rural Development Programme (PNDR). This new session will start on June 25 and will close on July 31, 2013. Some 50 million euro are available for investments in (smaller family) farms, with economic size of 2-50 ESU, the maximum grant being 50,000 euro for projects with a maximun eligible value of 125,000 euro.

How will the new Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 look like?

The National Programme for Rural Development (PNDR) 2014-2020 will have a smaller number of measures than the previous one, and accessing them will be easier, as promised by Nicolae Popa, deputy director of APDRP paying agency. The new PNDR should be finished by the end of this year and it should be better than the previous one, given that one must learn from the mistakes and dissatisfactions of the past years.

EU Subsidies in Romania for EU companies Stuctural Funds

Promotion and funding instruments

Future EU structural and cohesion policy turn three priorty goals: convergence, regional capacity to meet competition  and employment, and european economical cooperation.

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