Subventions in Romania for agriculture - sub measure 4.2

Sub-measure 4.2 - Support for investments in processing / marketing of agricultural products 
to support businesses that achieve tangible and intangible investments for processing and marketing of agricultural products listed in Annex I to the Treaty of establishing the European Community, except fishery.
Establish and / or upgrading of processing and marketing units;
The introduction of new technologies to develop new products;
Applying environment protection measures including lowering energy consumption and GHG emissions;
Promoting investments for the production and use of renewable energy;
Increasing the number of jobs.
Companies defined in national legislation in force;
Cooperatives, producer groups established under national legislation in force, serving the interests of members. 
The applicant must qualify for eligible beneficiaries;
The applicant must provide co-investment
The investment must fall into at least one of the types of support provided by sub-measure. Support will be limited to investments in processing agricultural products included in the list in Annex I of the Treaty establishing the European Community to obtain products Annex I and non-Annex I;
It has to be demonstrated the economic viability of investment in economic and technical documentation;
The applicant must not be in difficulty ;
The applicant will conduct an assessment of the expected impact on the environment if it can be environmental impacts;
Support will be limited to investments in processing agricultural products included in Annex I to the Treaty Establishing the European Community to obtain products Annex I and non-Annex I;
The investment will comply with the legislation in force in the field of public health, sanitary-veterinary and Food Safety.
1. SME - up to 50% of total eligible expenditure not exceeding 1,000,000 euro.
2. for other businesses - up to 40% of total eligible expenditure not exceeding 1,500,000 euro.
3. for investments leading to an integrated food chain (regardless of the applicant), Co-operative Association and producer groups - up to 50% of eligible expenditure without exceed 2,500,000 euro. 
a. Construction, expansion, modernization and equipping buildings processing units;
b. Acquisition (including leasing) new machinery, plant, equipment and means of specialized transport for the collection of raw materials and / or marketing agricultural products in integrated supply chains;
c. Expenses for improving the quality of internal control and compliance with new standards imposed by European legislation for the processing and marketing of agricultural and food products;
d. Products obtained marketing expenses;
e. Expenses arising from investments in intangible assets (rights relating to patents, licenses, know-how or unpatented technical knowledge).
a. Expenditure on acquisition of buildings;
b. Other ineligible costs: General expenses on goods and equipment "Second hand"; expenditure incurred before the signing of the contract of the project with the exception of general costs as defined in art. 45, paragraph 2 c) of R (EU). 1305/2013 which may be completed before applying for funding, expenditure necessary for the implementation and projects involving the creation / conversion orchards; acquisition costs means of transport for personal use and to transport people; value tax added, unless it cannot recover under national law VAT and specific provisions for financial instruments; 
creation of integrated supply chains, namely the integration of collection, sorting, storage, packaging, processing and marketing;
high value-added product (ex.: organic products, traditional products participating in quality schemes recognized at European level, etc.);
association of cooperatives or groups of producers or accession OIPA principle;
agricultural potential targeting potential areas determined under a specialty study.