New provisions on the de minimis schemes available for investments made by SMEs

Government Decision no. 453/10.07.2013 (“GD 453/2013”) on amending and supplementing the appendix to Government Decision no. 274/2013 on granting de minimis state aid for investments made by small and medium enterprises (“GD 274/2013”) has been published. 

GD 453/2013 introduces the following main amendments:

The definition of “building” is no longer restrictive and now includes destinations consisting in performing any services, not just those listed in GD 274/2013.

The range of documents attesting to the rights of the applicant over the land or building subject to investment has been extended to include any notarised document which certifies the right to use (rental contract, joint venture contract or any other contract which assigns the right to use, in accordance with the legal provisions).

GD 274/2013 article 3, para. 4, letter h, regarding the obligation for the technical–financial study (required in order to grant the financing agreement) to include the situation of the indicators on the basis of the financial efficiency assessment for the three years following the finalisation of the investment, has been repealed.

The types of eligible expenses for which undertakings may apply for financing have been extended to include expenses for new buildings and the acquiring of buildings (without restricting the area of the eligible expenses to certain types of new or existing buildings, e.g. industrial, for education purposes, scientific, etc.). See: Romanian Official Gazette, Part I, no. 424/12.07.2013

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