VAT rates in Romania

Considering that the standard VAT is 19%, there are certain goods and services which benefit of a reduced tax rate, as follows:

The reduced VAT rate of 9% is applied to:

Micro-company tax rates

There are tax incentives for micro-companies if their maximum revenue in the previous year was EUR 0,5 million (Company Romania solution lets increase limit up to 1,5M euro yearly) The following tax rate applies to their income:

How does health insurance tax change?

Until 2023, if you were a resident of Romania and your yearly dividends was over 6.000 euro, you should have paid health insurance tax of 600 euro. Starting from 2023, this tax will have 3 brackets, instead of just one: at 3.000, 6.000 and 12.000 euro.

How does your tax on dividends change?

Once your Romanian company starts making profit, you can take out money from the corporation as dividends. Dividends can be paid once per year or once every 3 months.

What taxes will a SRL pay from 2023?

The SRL taxes will suffer 3 main changes: tax level, tax bracket and company activity for microenterprise.

Off-shoring IT in Romania

Off-shoring in Romania is a hidden gem for technology outsourcing. The country's strategic location makes it one of the most featured countries among western European countries. Romania offers a substantial advantage, in quality and cost wise

Register a company in Romania

Register a company in Romania, open a business bank account, and stay compliant - all in one place.

Recruitment of engineers in romania

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new taxrates in romania

O. G. no. 16/2022 amended the Fiscal Code, therefore I present below the main provisions of the normative act.

Recruitment of IT profiles in Romania

You have great recruitment plans and you want to move swiftly in a competitive market. You need to understand talent availability, compensation and how to be attractive. So you onboard the best talent in the shortest time possible.

Company Formation Romania create a company in Romania from a distance

No matter the fact that the investors in a Romanian company are residents or foreigners (or ventures), in both cases they are treated the same and benefit from the same opportunities of developing economic activities in Romanian.

Cession ( sale) of shares of a company in Romania

Have you decided to sell your business? Or are you looking at buying a business? If so, what’s involved in doing this?

Company creation in romania made easy

With hundreds of companies established on behalf of our foreign clients, we offer the fastest and simplest option to set up Romanian companies at the lowest fees.

recruiting engineers in romania for romania and europe

At EU level, the number of job vacancies is constantly increasing. With the recovery of the economy, there has been a steady increase in the vacancy rate in the European Union, with a different dynamic, however, in the Member States.

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