Wind energy developer foresees more projects in Romania, describes investment environment as attractive

Romania could look forward to two years of increasing investments in wind farm projects, according to Monsson Group, a major wind energy developer in the country. “There’s a window of opportunity and anyone who hasn’t invested or committed to building these projects should consider doing so quite quickly, because otherwise they might miss this window,” said Monsson Group chairman Arne Osbourg, quoted by Bloomberg news service, in a presentation in Bucharest today (January 15 ).
The wind energy sector in Romania is enjoying something of a boom, and installed capacity more than doubled in 2011, from 463 MW to 982 MW at the end of the year. Wind capacity is expected to have doubled again over 2012.
“The Romanian wind sector is very attractive and the growth outlook, wind conditions, regulation, grid, make this sector one of the main investor targets globally,” said Osborg, quoted by Bloomberg. His comments agree with those made recently by the new Energy Minister Constantin Nita. Speaking last week, he promised to make attracting investments in the energy sector a priority and singled out wind energy and renewables as being of particular interest.
With the trading of green certificates, Romania currently has a very attractive market for renewable energy investment and new projects involving major international energy companies are being announced on a regular basis .
Founded in 1997, Monsson Group has focused on renewable energy since 2004 and became a major wind farm developer in Romania with more than 2400 MW projects in its portfolio. The group carries out a range of services for wind farms; including development, construction, operation, maintenance, service and electricity trading.