Romania should plan an agriculture strategy for at least 25 years - rural development romania 2014 -2020

Secretary of state with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Achim Irimescu, responsible with the technical directions within the European Union, says in an interview granted to Agerpres that Romania should have a strategy for agriculture to span at least 25 years from now on, where several major points should be set. 
Achim Irimescu added that the Ministry of Agriculture will hold a tender offer by this autumn to appoint some consultancy companies to conduct analyses to find out the stage of agriculture in Romania at the moment, and which should recommend which should be the priorities for 2014-2020, considering the new National Rural Development Programme.
Among the major themes to be approached there are land amassing, creating branches to get rid of intermediaries and price gouging, an analysis of the Romanian and the EU markets, measures taken to support certain crops and certain guidelines in animal husbandry, to align to the demands of the international market, exports planning, large-scale development of honey and honey bee products, supporting the youth to resort to agriculture, collecting some measures which the ministry should present to the European Commission, amassing the agriculture-related agencies, the large-scale development of agri-tourism, the development and the update of the rural infrastructure, of the rural services, the rebirth of the traditional crafts (genuine crafted items, crack willow furniture, etc), the update and supporting financing through banks and other institutions of rural credit, the association and creation of farmers co-ops.
26 june 2012