Testimonial from His Excellency Leo D'Aes, Belgian Ambassador in Bucharest

Less than two weeks after taking up my post as Belgian ambassador to Romania, I was invited to attend the monthly meeting of the members of the Belgian Connection, in the Novotel Hotel.

I received a very warm welcome by Mr. Luc Vangansbeke and Mr. Freddy Jacobs, who introduced me tot a number of Belgian and Romanian businessmen, and to whom I want to express my sincere thanks.

The venue gave me an opportunity to meet all kinds of different entrepreneurs, working steadily, on a small or larger scale, to promote their business in close cooperation and understanding with their Romanian counterparts. The meeting set a fine example of how the relations between Belgium and Romania can be developed in the commercial field, and beyond: indeed, the spirit is one of friendship and trust, reassuring for newcomers as well as for those who are used to work and live here.

I therefore want to reiterate my promise to work with the Belgian Connection, as a cordial and useful network, in order to contribute to the further strengthening of Romanian-Belgian relations, be it in the economic sphere or in other fruitful exchanges between our two peoples.

I wish the Belgian Connection every success, stating again my willingness to help fulfilling its objectives of enhancing contacts and understanding through a lively and pleasantly animated network.

D'Aes Leo, Bucharest, Belgian Ambassador

September 2008