Political map romania 2 December 2008

1. General political map - parliament elections 30 November 2008 

PD-L, PSD, PNL si UDMR, cele patru partide care au reusit sa intre in Parlament, au colorat harta politica a Romaniei in portocaliu, rosu, albastru si verde.

PD-L orange - PSD red - PNL bleu - UDMR green

Poienaru: Romania can only be competetive in agriculture

This article is presented by freddy jacobs, managing director -

When I read the ZF this week then I could not resist and I had to present you the following article as we deal with many large scale agricultural projects at this moment. 

October 28, 2008 – discussion on the impact of the financial crisis in and on Romania at a BC event

With some 20 invitees for the wine tasting event organized by the Belgian Connection on October 28, the atmosphere was intimate both during the wine tasting, presented by prof. Boboc with wines generously sponsored by Metro, and afterwards during the dinner assembled by Novotel.

On the margin of the crisis in Romania – pe marginea crizei

“In this article Freddy M.E. Jacobs, the president of the Belgian Romanian real estate chamber gives his ideas on the current crisis and situation in Romania.”

While doing the maintenance of the website of the business club that I have created in Bucharest I found that it is time to give some reflections on the current crisis.

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