Romania: EC to invest EUR 8.633 billion in Romania in green economy in 2007-2013

The European Commission (EC) on February 9 announced that it would invest EUR 105 billion in the “green economy”, as part of the cohesion policy of the European Union over 2007-2013, of which EUR 8.633 billion will be allotted to Romania. Romania and Bulgaria invest the highest ratio of the funds due to the cohesion policy in environment-related projects, with 45%, respectively 42% of earmarked funds.


These investments include hundreds of major projects in the environment field, which also contribute to the protection and establishment of new jobs in the EU. As regards Romania, out of the overall sum of EUR 8.633 billion, the biggest part will be represented by the management of water resources (EUR 2.766 billion).

A major sum (EUR 1.718 billion) will be earmarked for railway infrastructure projects and EUR 894.2 million to integrated projects at rural and urban level. As many as EUR 792.8 million will be assigned for the management of residual waste; another EUR 253.2 million will be invested for energy efficiency programmes and management in the energy field, whereas investments in the promotion of biodiversity and nature protection stand at EUR 235.8 million. As much as EUR 191.5 million will be assigned for the field of renewable energy, whereas innovation in non-polluting projects in small and medium-sized enterprises will get another EUR 125.7 million. The remainder of EUR 1.645 billion will be earmarked for projects from other fields than those mentioned.

The EUR 105 billion allotted by the European Commission for the “green economy” accounting for 30% of the budget for regional policy for 2007-2013 provide solid base for employment and a major impetus for the European regions and towns in their efforts of maintaining their role of European leader in the field of non-polluting technologies. The sum is three times bigger than the one allotted over 2000-2006. Out of the overall EUR 105 billion, EUR 54 billion are bound for the help of member states to adjust legislation in the environment field to the EU legislation. The projects of hydrographic improvement and management of residual waste alone hold EUR 28 billion of the total. “The support for the green economy and environment go hand in hand with the goal of the cohesion policy of contributing to sustainable economic growth, employment and competitiveness. In a difficult financial year, the investments will be an important instrument in the long-run employment and revitalization of local economies and the enforcement of the EU commitment to fighting climatic changes, said European Commissioner on regional policy Danuta Hubner.

Through the EUR 48 billion bound for the achievement of objectives established by the EU in the limitation of the effects of climatic changes and promotion of a less polluting economy, the cohesion policy has a substantial contribution to the objective of reducing by 20% the emission of greenhouse gas until 2020, compared to the levels of 1990. Of these funds, EUR 23 billion are aimed for railway infrastructure, EUR 6 billion for urban transport, EUR 4.8 billion for renewable energies and EUR 4.2 billion for energy efficiency. Almost half the EU member states,

Romania included, integrated indicators of reducing greenhouse gas in national programmes due to the European cohesion policy.

Source: Agerpres.