Rehabilitation of Transport Corridor IV to be finalized by 2014

The Romanian sector of the Pan-European Railway Transport Corridor IV is to be completed in 2014, with the constructor of Brasov-Simeria and Simeria-Curtici segments due to be selected at the end of 2010; the estimated costs for rehabilitation are some 3.3 billion lei (some 775 million euros), announced on September 17, Constantin Axinia, State under-secretary with the Ministry of Transport. "We have got the European Commission and EIB accord and for the most difficult Corridor IV segments in Romania, Brasov-Simeria and Simeria-Curtici, we will benefit of a financing line of 300 million lei (some 70 million euros), and Romania's contribution is set at 3 billion lei (some 705 million euros).

Following negotiations with EU representatives and with the designing company we agreed a track allowing an average speed of 120 km./hour for freight trains and 160 for passenger trains", said Axinia. He said that at the end of next year the constructor of the two segments is to be selected, and by 2014 this corridor - Curtici-Simeria-Brasov-Bucharest-Constanta - is to be finalized, the other segments being in ongoing finalization or already finalized.

Axinia also said that from 2010 the ministry will start the procedures for the rehabilitation of the Pan-European railway transport Corridor X - Giurgiu-Bucharest-Iasi-Ungheni.

Source: Agerpres.