Aids and Subsidies in Romania

When it comes to invest in a country such as Romania it is necessary to be informed about the available subsidies, about all the official bodies and the attempt to get as much possible subsidies for our investment project - implantation in Romania.

Each body has its requirements when it comes to be „eligible" for the correspondent subsidy.

There are business travel subsidies in Romania. There are subsidies for opening an office in Romania ... etc. ... etc.

A work method which is based on previous analysis of project's durability from the point of view of public funding, and a commercial pkhilosophy of „successful commission", guarantees the absolute involvement of our consultants in project management and in our common objective to find for the client the alternative of public funding that match its profile, activity or project.

From subsidies, PBS Worldwide addresses to a wide range of clients (private company, institutional client - professional associations, foundations, professional colleges, etc - local administrations, ONGs etc) and gives:

INFORMATION about public funding opportunities, ways to help and subsidies, provided by various public bodies at community, national and autonomous level.

CONSULTANCY and analysis of client sustainability and its projects in terms of public funding.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE in the process of administration and preparation of aid and subsidy application files presented before covening bodies of programs.

PBS Worldwide relies on a team of professionals with vast and known experience in public program management from main acitivity sectors:

  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Tourism and Agricultural Tourism
  • Professional Training, Research, Quality

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